College of Nursing

Mission of the College of Nursing

college mission

Learning the Healer's Art

The mission of the Brigham Young University College of Nursing is to develop professional nurses who:

  • Promote Health
  • Care for the Suffering
  • Engage in the Scholarship of the Discipline
  • Invite the Spirit in to Health and Healing
  • Lead with Faith and Integrity


We are a community of scholars and educators engaged in the discovery and application of the Healer’s art that promotes health and healing and enhances the discipline of nursing.


  1. Provide a culture and environment which exemplifies and magnifies the Healer's art in all educational settings.
  2. Ensure teaching excellence to prepare nurses and leaders, locally and globally, who provide evidence-based patient-centered care.  
  3. Engage in interprofessional relationships, collaborative research, and clinical partnerships to optimize student learning.
  4. Promote a culture of scholarship and contribution to the discipline to enhance the profession and knowledge of nursing.
  5. Create an environment supporting the College and University mission.