College of Nursing

Military and the Healer’s art

11/19/2012 12:00:00 AM - Rose Ann Jarrett

President Uchtdorf

Pouring rain didn’t deter BYU students and fellow patriots from lining Brigham Square November 9 to be present at the annual ROTC Presidential Review and Veterans Day Commemoration. 

In impressive military style, ROTC cadets marched in formation into the square  and conducted a flag ceremony. They stood at attention and in deep respect while the Leadership Excellence Award was presented to President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The award recognizes community, state, church and national leaders who demonstrate the qualities of leadership and personal character of an ancient prophet/military hero, Captain Moroni (Alma, chapter 48, verses 11-12).

President Uchtdorf  praised the cadets and all those who currently serve in the military—as well as military veterans, some of whom were present in the crowd, dressed in uniform.

In the course of his remarks, President Uchtdorf  held up the 2013 issue of the College of Nursing’s magazine, Learning the Healer’s art, saying he recently received a copy in the mail. He noted that the front cover depicts nurses from 1909. Turning the magazine to the back cover, he called attention to the photo of an ROTC cadet, student nurse, Emily Shroeppel Plowman.

“The Healer’s Art,” he suggested, “Is the essence of peace in the world.”

Of her experience, Emily Plowman commented, “I was so excited to hear Elder Uchtdorf speak to us in person that I did not even mind the rain or cold. I just remember thinking I wanted to soak in everything he had to say to us.”  

“Throughout his talk Elder Uchtdorf inspired me to work harder to be a better leader for the Air Force,” she said. “I loved that he talked about the Healer’s art, which made me realize how right he was. War is not about the shedding of blood, but should be more focused on healing the nations. That is what I want to help our country do by being an Air Force nurse.

Plowman continued, “President Uchtdorf  has such a sweet spirit about him. I was so thankful for his kindness and the time he took to shake every cadet’s hand. I know I am going to cherish this memory and his words throughout my Air Force career and my life.”

BYU College of Nursing  joins the ROTC in honoring our nation’s military. Visit  to view a video of a World War II veteran who expresses his feelings about freedom.