College of Nursing

This a general outline of the application process. For more details please read the Pre-Nursing Packet and the other documents listed under Helpful Materials. For Questions please contact the College of Nursing Advisement Center.

Before Applying

    1. Be admitted as a student at Brigham Young University

BYU Admissions Web Site

Admission Deadlines

BYU Online Undergraduate Application

Students With English as a Second Language

      • Take the English Proficiency Examination offered every second Friday of each month @ 9am in B153 JFSB, plus all ESL service courses as recommended by the examination outcome.
      • Successfully complete Nurs 102 through Independent Study only.
      • Have a TOEFL score of at least a 580 (paper-based score) or 237 (computer-based score) or 92 (Internet-based)

Transfer Students

      • Have a transfer GPA of at least a 3.5-3.6. BYU may limit admission of transfer students with more than 80 semester credits of transfer work
      • Check with Advisement Center regarding transferring classes.


    1. Complete the pre-requisite courses.


      Other supporting or GE courses may also be completed before applying for acceptance.

      • Nurs 180
      • NDFS 100
      • Development Elective (SFL 210 or Psych 220)
      • PDBio 220
      • Chem 285
      • (Chem 101 or an equivalent is needed prior to other Chemistry courses)

All of the above classes must be completed with a grade of at least a C. A C- is not satisfactory progress.

28 Credit hours and first year writing or its AP equivalent must also be completed.

    1. Obtain CPR certification

For information regarding CPR courses, please contact the Advisement Center. For availability of CPR courses, please contact your local Red Cross Office or Heart Association Office. In addition, the BYU Risk Management Office sometimes offers this training. To check with them about their training schedule, call them at 378-7881.



Start Program Submit Application Submit Midterms By
Fall Semester April (essay due in February) Midterms not required
Winter Semester Sept Oct


    1. Submit Midterm Grades


        *For applicants applying for Winter semester only. Midterm grades for any class in progress at BYU during Fall semester must be submitted by the October deadline, as outlined in the application, in order for the Winter application to be reviewed. These are only BYU midterms.  We do not accept midterms from transfer schools.  So, a transfer student needs to have all pre-requisites done prior applying for Nursing.  


      **Independent Study grades need to be posted by the application deadlines in order for the grade to count.


    1. Submit Application Materials for acceptance into the BYU College of Nursing


      Applications are submitted online. However, there is a CPR Certification that will need to be brought in, scanned in, faxed, or mailed to the Nursing Advisement Center.

Include the following with your application at the time of submission:

      • Completed application form
      • An electronically signed "Essential Abilities" form included in the online application
      • An electronically signed Criminal/Background Check Release Form included in the online application.
      • Response to one essay question (Must sign up for this on the online application - due in Feb or Sept)
      • List of school, community, and church leadership/service for the past five years (example found online)
      • Two recommendations - need email of recommenders - links are provided for them to fill out
      • A resume outlining or listing education and work experience (This is optional)
      • Scanned Photocopy front and back of current CPR certification (CPR must be current within 1 year.)
      • Proof of admission to BYU - if not a current student
      • ACT/SAT/TOEFL score
      • Complete the 3 additional requirements (ESL students only)
      • Any other documents included in the application


After Acceptance


    1. Complete criminal background checks and Drug Screen

This process is a simple form given once the student is admitted. The cost is approximately $40. Because the processing of criminal background checks takes approximately 6 weeks, it is important that they are performed immediately after admission to the program. 

The drug screen is a 9-panel drug screen and includes testing for the following drugs: marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates, methamphetamine, methadone, amphetamines, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines.  Costs associated with the 9-panel drug screen may vary, but are usually around $30-$40.  If you are outside of Utah, a hospital can do a drug screen.  We do not provide a request form for drug screens.  If your healthcare provider will not perform a drug screen without a request form, you may wait to do your drug screen until the first week of school at a location here in Utah.

 Submit the Acceptance Packet