College of Nursing

Undergraduate Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance into the baccalaureate nursing program is based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to, academic performance, essays, and your service list.


Students must complete all pre-requisite courses with at least a C (a C- is not satisfactory progress). NOTE: Students can have prerequisites in process during fall, if registered at BYU, and still apply for winter. Grades will be checked at the midterm in fall. If a student is accepted for winter semester, but does not pass any prerequisite with a grade of at least a C, their acceptance will be rescinded, and an alternate will be put in his or her slot.

* All Independent Study classes (if taken) must have grades posted on transcript by application deadline.

Service List

The college of nursing is looking for an ongoing commitment to service over time (5 years) in community, school, and church service/leadership. Continuous involvement in organizedservice opportunities is encouraged whether the student is involved in many short-term projects, or fewer long-term projects.

Impromptu Essay

Points are awarded for the content of information addressing this topic, but also for organization & logical flow of ideas, grammar, spelling & sentence structure, and appearance but less emphasis is made on the punctuation, grammar and spelling, since the opportunity for revision is limited. Organization of thought is likewise important on the impromptu essay. You must sign up at the Advisement Center in order to take the impromptu essay. Essays are only given and due at the beginning of both March and September. Contact the Advisement Center BEFORE the deadline if you will not be in Provo for the essay times.


Recommendations should come from someone who knows the applicant well and who can address the character traits identified on the form. Applicants can select individuals from the following options: organizational leader, co-worker, supervisor, employer or teacher. (High school teachers often know the applicant better than a BYU professor.) The recommender should not be a parent, sibling, spouse, other family member, or close friend (i.e. roommate).

Acceptance Data

For current acceptance data, please see the Basic Information Packet.