College of Nursing

Faculty Specialties & Research Topics

NameAcademic CredentialsClinical SpecialtiesMajor Reasearch Areas & Interest TopicsMethodological Research ExpertiseCurrent Ongoing Research ProjectsGraduate Faculty Status
Peggy Anderson RN, MS, DNP Medical Surgical; Public Health Healthcare Administration, Nursing Education, Use of Concept Mapping Learning Strategies, Public and Global Health No
Renea Beckstrand PhD, RN, CCRN ICU/CCU, Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, Pathophysiology, Cardiovascular End of life care, Survey research (mailed), Immunization Hesitancy, Improving Immunization Rates, Mailed Survey Research, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Quantitative Research SPSS Data Base, Qualitative End-of-Life Care End-of-Life Care Immunization (with Dr. Luthy, Dr. Macintosh, and Lacey Eden), Rural End-of-Life Care, Emergency Dept. Design Yes
Kent Blad DNP, FNP-C, ACNP-BC, FCCM, FAANP Family Nurse Practitioner, Critical Care, Acute Care Critical Care, Care of the Veteran Patient, Veterans Issues Critical care issues, Care of the Veteran Patient No
Cheryl Corbett APRN, MSN, FNP-C Labor and Delivery, Family Nurse Practitioner Maternal/Children’s, Women’s Health, Global Health, Nursing Education Global Healthcare of Women and Newborns, Meaning of Birth No
Karen Delacruz MSN, AACNP, FNP Acute Care, Critical Care Clinical Nursing Education, International/Cultural Nursing Issues Clinical nursing education, International nursing education No
Tracy Dustin MSN, RN, CNE Critical Care, Nursing Education, Wound Care Care of the Veteran, Health Literacy No
Lacey Eden Pediatrics, Family Nurse Practitioner, Newborn ICU Childhood Immunizations, Pediatrics Childhood Immunizations Pediatrics Childhood Immunizations No
Debbie Edmunds MSN, RN, CNE Women’s Health Nursing Education Global Health No
Donna Freeborn PhD, FNP Family Nurse Practitioner Disabled Women, Maternal-Child Women’s Health, Families with chronic conditions Qualitative Disabled Women, Families of children with disabilities, Diabetes research involving families, parents, siblings, and kids with diabetes Yes
Sondra Heaston CEN, CNE, MS, FNP-C, APRN Emergency Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner End-of-Life Care in Emergency Departments, International Nursing No
Deborah Himes Adult Nurse Practitioner Genetic Counseling, Breast Cancer Prevention, Women at risk for familial Breast Cancer: · Risk Perception/ Understanding; · Adherence to Screening Guidelines; · Family communication about risk Qualitative, Quantitative No
Stacie Hunsaker Emergency Nursing, Simulation, Nursing Education Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Compassion Satisfaction in Nurses Quantitative Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Compassion Satisfaction/Resiliency in Nursing Students/Do health habits of nurses contribute to the development of burnout/compassion fatigue/Teaching health care providers in a foreign country/Simulation Quality Improvement No
Sabrina Jarvis DNP, FNP, ACNP-BC, FAANP Family Practice, Acute Care Critical Care, Acute Care, Adult topics Simulation Critical Care Issues, Radiology, Health behaviors, eg e-cigarrettes No
Jane Lassetter PhD, RN Pediatrics Impact of Cultural Beliefs and Practices on Health, Childhood obesity, Nursing Ethics, Child self-efficacy related to, Healthy eating and activity Qualitative Descriptive, Focused ethnography, Quantitative Pacific Islanders understanding of food labels comparing Pacific Islanders in Utah and Hawaii; Interventions with PI families to decrease obesity; School-based intervention to increase children’s understanding of nutrition, activity and staying healthy; Tool development on child self-efficacy related to healthy eating and activity Yes
Karen Lundberg MS, RN, CNE Pediatric Nursing Children’s Health, Global Nursing, Nursing Education Nursing Education, Global health of children No
Beth Luthy FNP, DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Childhood Immunization, Immunization Hesitancy, Improving Immunization Rates Childhood Immunizations Yes
Bret Lyman PhD, RN Adult Acute Care, Educational Administration Organizational Learning in Health Systems Action Research (Learning History), Qualitative (Grounded Theory), Quantitative Developing & testing a health system learning model for clinical microsystems, Analyzing social networks as a factor in health system learning, Analyzing large data sets to identify factors related to performance, performance improvment, and performance reliability in inpatient hospital units Yes
Linda Mabey DNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Treatment of Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD PTSD Treatment, Trauma PTSD No
Janelle Macintosh NBICU Motherhood Identity, Teen Pregnancy, Immunizations in NICU Qualitative Methodologies, Narrative Research Yes
Katreena Merrill PhD, RN Nursing Quality and Safety, Clinical Research, Infection Prevention. Quality and safety with an emphasis in infection prevention Quantitative and Advanced Statistics Antibiotic Stewardship, Interprofessional Education, Decreasing health care-acquired infections Yes
Leslie Miles DNP, APRN, BC Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Global Health Physical & Mental Health Issues Sexual Assault Quantitative Sexual Assault, Health Promotion in the Mentally Ill Population, Global Health Nursing No
Debra Mills RN, MS, CNE Pediatrics Measuring active learning, Learning/Teaching Strategies Descriptive No
Rod Newman NP Critical Care, Cardiology Congestive Heart Failure, Pulmonary Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease Heart Failure and patient compliance and readmission rates, PAH: FNP assessment and follow up in the community setting, Utilization of New Oral Anticoagulants in primary care No
Craig Nuttall Family Nurse Practitioner & Emergency Medicine Orthopedics, sports medicine, Autoimmune Disease, Asthma, Allergy, Nurse Practitioner Education, Assessment Quantitative Asthma and obesity, cause of asthma, Sports medicine: back pain assessment diagnosis and management, Orthopedic injuries management No
Sheri Palmer RN, DNP, CNE International Nursing, Med/Surg/ICU Emergency Nursing Mentors in Nursing, Nursing Education, Cultural competency, International Nursing, Public & Global Health Quantitative, Descriptive, Qualitative Childhood nutrition in Latin American countrie, Cultural competence of Nursing Students, Role of the Nurse Internationally No
Neil Peterson PhD, MSN, RN, FNP-C, ACNP-BC Cardiovascular ICU, Employee/Occupational Health, Urgent Care, Family Practice 1. Physical activity, sedentary behavior, obesity, and healthy lifestyles across the lifespan 2. Measurement techniques for physical activity and sedentary behavior 3. Role of technology in health promotion Quantitative, Descriptive, Measurement techniques Numerous and constantly updating--ask for current status Yes
Ryan Rasmussen Pediatrics, Emergency medicine, Family practice and hospice Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedic Injury and Treatment No
Patricia Ravert RN, PhD, CNE, ANEF, FAAN Medical-surgical nursing, Leadership, Education in healthcare settings, Nursing Education, Clinical Simulations Lab outcomes Clinical Simulations Lab, simulation evaluation instruments Simulation as teaching pedagogy, teaching clinical judgment through simulation, debriefing Yes
Gaye Ray FNP-C, MS, RN Family Nurse Practitioner Public Health teaching techniques including poverty and domestic violence simulation and Public Health interventions. No
Shelly Reed Family Nurse Practitioner, OB, Emergency Services, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Simulation/teaching methods, International, Women’s Health Issues Scale development/Quantitative Teaching methods, including simulation& debriefing Meaning of childbirth to Tongan women No
Petr Ruda No
Scott Summers Critical Care; Ear, Nose, and Throat, Head & Neck Surgery; Nursing Education Nursing Education, ENT H&N surgery No
Sheri Tesseyman PhD, RN No
Daphne Thomas Emergency Nursing, Trauma, Leadership, Informatics, Simulation Trauma, Nursing Retention/ Turnover Quantitative Post-Concussion Syndrome, Nursing Retention Factors No
Michael Thomas Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Nursing Education: Peer Teaching/TeamSTEPPS, Mental Health Promotion Compassion Fatigue/Resiliency Among Nursing Students, Student Attitudes Towards Teamwork- TeamSTEPPS No
Ron Ulberg Coronary Care/Telemetry, Intensive Care, Veteran Health Issues Coronary Care/Telemetry, Intensive Care, Veteran Health Issues Care of the Veteran Patient No
Julie Valentine Adult Med/Surg, Pediatrics, Forensic Nursing Sexual assault, interpersonal violence, violence against women, criminal justice system response to sexual violence Quantitative, mixed methods, Participatory Action Research Collaborative, large-scale research study on sexual assault with Utah Bureau of Forensic Services. Collaborative research study with law enforcement on Trauma Informed Response in sexual assault cases. Yes
Mary Williams PhD, RN Family response to heart transplantation Instrument development, Outcomes of international experiences Quantitative/Qualitative, Methodological designs Instrument development and review Yes
Debra Wing CNE Emergency, Public Health, Clinical Simulation/Lab, Nursing Education Simulation, Global Health, Nursing Education Public Health Qualitative No
Blaine Winters ACNP-BC, DNP Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Trauma, Critical Care Gerontology Care of older adults, Teaching nursing, Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injuries Development of the website: "The Head Injury Project." No