College of Nursing

2009 Orca Awards

Student Title Faculty Mentor
Allison Holt A Comparison of Modes of Delivery Patricia Ravert
Caitlin Herrmann Parental Perceptions: Religiosity and Sibling Relations Barbara Mandleco
Megan Cutler Perceptions of Childbirth in Chinese Women Lynn Callister
Laura Brown Family Support and Cancer Patient Quality of Life Patricia Rushton
Corinne Johnson Parenting of families with a Child with a Disability Barbara Mandleco
Amber Blake Autism Spectrum Disorders and Hyperbilirubinemia Lora Jean Campbell
Leah Dymock Relaxation Interventions for Nursing Students Glenda Christiaens
Hannah Ross Breaking the News: How Nurses Perceive their Ability to Support Patients Newly Diagnosed with Cancer Patricia Rushton