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 What is SNA?

Mission Statement

The Brigham Young University Student Nurses Association (BYU-SNA) is dedicated to promoting the success and professionalism of BYU student nurses by providing them with learning, service, networking, leadership, and scholarship opportunities as they strive to learn the Healer’s Art. We are committed to ensuring that BYU-SNA members have appropriate and valuable resources at their disposal to help them succeed as nurses both during nursing school and in their future professions.


 Benefits of joining BYU-SNA

There are many benefits to joining and being involved in SNA. SNA is a pre-professional organization, and your membership will include membership in the Utah Student Nurses Association (USNA) and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).  Involvement in pre-professional organizations is something employers look for and will be an important component of building up your résumé. Additionally, SNA will enrich your education with service, expand your opportunities for leadership, mentoring, and networking, and will also provide fun activities. The relationships you develop with other students, faculty, and mentors through SNA will assist you during your time in the program and create opportunities for your future. SNA creates events such as opening and closing socials, service and mentoring activities, creating Homecoming floats, and much more. Join SNA and get involved to find new opportunities and enrich your experiences here at BYU. 


 How much does it cost?

For a one-time fee of $200, you get:

  • Automatic student membership in the Utah Student Nurses Association (USNA), the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), and BYU SNA
  • Access to apply for NSNA and BYU-SNA scholarships and opportunities to attend yearly conventions
  • Your own peer mentor 
  • 1 BLS/CPR Full Course  
  • 1 CPR Refresher Course before BLS/CPR expiration
  • Free admission to SNA Activities 
  • Discounted prices on BYU Nursing apparel and merchandise 
  • Access to BYU SNA emails for important information on upcoming events
  • Opportunities to meet new friends, connect with students in other semesters and get to know faculty members 
  • Networking opportunities for jobs
  • Service activities required for clinical service hours  
  • Having a voice in the SNA Bylaws 

Price Breakdown:

NSNA/UtSNA Membership


CPR Full Course


CPR Refresher Course


SNA Activities Admission for all 6 semesters


Your own peer mentor


Discounted prices on apparel


Scholarship Opportunities



 SNA Scholarships

BYU SNA Scholarship Qualifications & Application Process:

  1. You are a member of BYU SNA currently in semesters 1-5.
  2. You have attended at least 3 SNA activities so far this semester.
  3. Fill out the application and send it via email to

 by deadline in March.

The National Student Nurses Association also offers scholarships.  Visit to learn more about the scholarships they offer and how to apply.


 SNA Activities

We Love SNA!

BYU SNA hosts multiple activities every semester to help BYU SNs through their journey through nursing school.  Some are informative sessions that focus on things like how to improve test-taking skills, get involved in research, or decide if you want to go to graduate school.  Others are service activities that will easily help you get your two hours of required service for the semester.  Then, there are also some fun activities that are just there to help us all destress a bit and reward ourselves for being the hard-working, intelligent individuals we are. 

 How to Join SNA

Opportunities to join SNA will be available at the New Student Orientation Dinner and at BYU SNA activities. You may also contact BYU SNA directly at

Download Student Membership Application

 How to Be an SNA Officer

Every Winter Semester, BYU-SNA holds its annual election when nursing students from semesters 1-4 can run for a variety of positions in the SNA board.  During this week, nursing students can campaign according to established guidelines and vote for their favorite candidates.  The new SNA officers are announced at the semiannual Nursing Conference following the election.  Newly elected officers will make up the SNA board for the following year.  They will have weekly SNA meetings (for class credit) to create and carry out a plan to help BYU SNs reach their full potential through activities, scholarships, mentoring, etc.

Descriptions of the Duties of SNA Officers