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Meet the Candidates



Maggie Gunn

Hi! My name is Maggie and I’m stoked to have the opportunity to run for SNA president! Being part of SNA this past year has been a great experience and helped me see the College of Nursing from a different perspective. I’ve loved being able to work with all different semesters and professors. But, nursing school is just a small part of who I am. The rest of me loves pizza, binge watching the office, mountain biking, skiing, dark chocolate, traveling to new places, and pizza. Yes, pizza is on there twice. I just really love it. Anyway, that’s me. I’m just a human trying to survive nursing school and have a little fun along the way just like you.

1st VP


Michael Scott

IMPORTANT! I want you to associate the following words or phrases with voting for me: cute baby, vacation, one million dollars, A+, your mother's cookies, sunset, puppy, Christmas, love, new car, snow day, best friend, all of your wildest dreams. Thank you. I grew up in New Hampshire where I worked as an EMT/firefighter for five years. I served among the beautiful people of Peru for three years as a representative of Jesus Christ. My wife Amy and I dated in high school, she got baptized, we went on missions and now we have a happy baby boy named Preston (he’ll be two in June). I’ve already met some incredible people within the nursing program and I want to make as many connections as I can before I go. I hope to actively serve as part of an organization that strengthens connections between some of the most brilliant individuals in healthcare.

2nd VP


John Ellis

Hey everyone, I am 26 years old and born and raised in SLC, UT. I am married to a stunning woman who is very much out of my league (shhh, don't tell her, she hasn't found out yet). I love skiing, sports, and reading books. I want to run for SNA Vice President because I love power... but really I just want to be more involved with nursing. I feel I can make a difference because of my varied leadership experience, ranging from head coach of a high school water polo team to a mentor for at-risk youth. I want to serve my fellow student nurses in any way that I can and help make your time here both fun and meaningful. And just remember: IF YOU VOTE FOR ME, I WILL HAVE MORE VOTES...IT'S JUST SCIENCE



Rachel Liljenquist

Hey All! Rachel Liljenquist here! I am looking for an opportunity to serve and to put my God-given gifts of planning, leadership, and organization to good use and I think I just put my finger on the magic spot! So, by way of quick introduction, I was born in Provo while my dad was going to school at BYU (yep, I’m one of those kids!) ?? However, I have since lived everywhere but Provo, which is why I swore I’d come back someday, and look here, I sure did! I’ve lived everywhere from Orem, Utah to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, to Seattle and, finally, Spokane, Washington. I am a passionate singer, dancer, chef, and painter, I love any and all crafts, and I am absolutely obsessed with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets! If you ever want to see a breathtaking view of the hidden sun splattering the sky with florescent colors, come find me, I’ve got tons!!! Anyways, I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to show you what I’m made of. All organizations need a good backbone to keep them organized, and, as secretary, I plan to do just that!

Laura Grenfell

I’ve lived in South Carolina, Montana, and Texas, and I am most recently from a small town in Kentucky called Versailles (pronounced Ver-say-ills— no joke)! I served a mission in Madrid, Spain and yes, I speak Spanish with the zeta/“lisp”! I love Spanish and Latin culture and know the words to dozens of Latin songs. I love listening to music and making music, and I play flute and piccolo for fun with a low-key (pun intended) orchestra on campus. I like to sing and dance but I am neither a singer nor a dancer. The first week of every semester, I can't stop smiling because I am so happy to be back amongst all of you wonderful people and the amazing professors! I love SNA, and I love nursing!



Katie Glaus

Hi my name is Katie and I love to laugh and have fun! I'm from Tampa, Florida and I'm number 9 of 11 kids. I love sewing, baking, longboarding, camping, playing games, and spending time with my friends and family. I also love ASL and hope to be an interpreter one day! I love being a student nurse and my favorite aspect of nursing is the personal relationships we get to make with our patients!

Membership Director (Membership)


Sherry Huang

Hello! I’m Sherry and I laugh a lot. Chicago is my hometown, but I have lived in 1/3 of all the states in the Midwest. I served my mission in the California Arcadia mission, Mandarin speaking. Fanny packs, 80’s music, Stranger Things, making silly music videos, cleaning, and baby goats are some of the things that make me happy. Ask me what I’m craving for anytime of the day and 95% of the time, it will be cookies. I keep a bullet journal as an effort to keep my life organized. Being with people gets me excited and I’m always down for a good dance party. I think that people are awesome and I want to be more involved with the people on SNA! Also, I think being on the SNA board will allow me to work more closely with the teachers and students to better help the nursing students get the most from their experience here at BYU. Nursing students deserve productive and fun activities, good food, and useful opportunities that will help their future careers.

Izzy Bernal

Because you are a busy nursing student, I have made a list of all the essentials to get to know me: 1. Survived 18 months in the city ranked with the 4th highest murder rate in the world (Tegucigalpa Honduras) 2. Learned to cope with being 4’10” by reaching new heights on the BYU cheer team as a flyer in 2014 3. Can quote every line to the movie She’s the Man 4. Part-time vegan, when pizza is not involved. 5. Running in the rain enthusiast (from Seattle, WA) All jokes aside, I want to get involved. I hope to contribute my ideas and skills to facilitate greater unity among BYU nursing students, staff, and other leaders in the Nursing community.

Membership Director (Sales)


Yazmine Tovar

Hi! I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah, but I consider myself from Mexico. :D Both my parents are from there and I also served in the luscious Chiapas, Mexico. As for hobbies, dancing is hands-down my favorite #salsaClub. I want to run for SNA because I am the first generation in my family to attend college and am grateful for such an opportunity. I want to help my fellow nursing students through this organization. In high school, I served as Venturing Crew president and French club president, simultaneously. With my French club, we ordered the winning design for the t-shirt designed by our fellow students. Through these experiences, I've learned the importance of delegation and teamwork- no one can do it all alone, we're all in this together, so we help each other. Help me help you by voting-- let's get some good-looking apparel. :)

Nina Goodey

I was dragged into life the same way I live it: kicking, screaming, surrounded by adoring fans, hungry, and ready for a nap. I was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Portland, and served a mission in Houston, so I'll fight anyone who talks trash about the West Coast or Texas. My current passions include cross-stitching, Honduran white bats, and any kind of fried potatoes (one time I had a Yukon Gold waffle fry so perfectly cooked I cried). I love nursing and making connections with patients while helping them live their best lives, and I’m so grateful to be at BYU learning the Healer’s Art from the best!

Service Director 1


Jane Goodfellow

Hi! My name is Jane. I'm a fourth semester nursing student from California. I served a mission in Peru and I LOVE serving people! I think nursing is all about service and that it's important to find ways to serve daily, even as a busy nursing student. Besides nursing, I love to dance, hike, camp, hammock, eat, watch Netflix, and sleep. I am on the Ballroom Dance Company at BYU and LOVE it! I make chemistry jokes periodically, and I have a beautiful lime green hammock named Tarzan. I am passionate about life and service, and I hope that you will grant me the opportunity to serve you on the SNA Board :)

Service Director 2


Paige Stodtmeister

Hey guys, I'm Paige! I’m from Utah. I love paint, dance, play the guitar, and snowboard. My favorite book is Farenheit 451. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters-- one of my brothers has high-functioning Autism and has been a huge contributor in my appreciation for and work with the mentally disabled. For this reason, I would like to specialize in psychiatric nursing. I also served a mission in Lima, Peru. I am deeply passionate about creating lasting change. As service coordinator, I would involve College of Nursing students in an effort to make a difference. I would love to incorporate both local and global efforts I am pursuing to promote public health.

Activities Director 1


Rachel Hawkins

My name is Rachel Hawkins and I am a 1st semester nursing student. I am from a really small town, Chelan, Washington. My parents are apple orchardists and I have grown up working in the orchard with them. I live right by a lake, so I love to go tubing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. I am the middle child of 5 girls. In high school, I played basketball and volleyball, and ran track. One of my goals is to win an intramural championship in volleyball before I leave BYU! I am really excited to be at BYU and I am grateful for the opportunity to challenge myself throughout this program!

Activities Director 2


Elise Johnson

Publicity Director


Emily Miller

I am from Upstate New York where I participated in and contributed to a variety of disciplines, including musical theatre, National Honor Society, band, choir, field hockey, and softball. I served a mission in Cebu, Philippines and enjoy my current job at the MTC where I work on a translation project to update materials used to teach Cebuano. I am organized, diligent, and detail-oriented, with confidence in public speaking and an aesthetic eye. I volunteer as an Anatomy Academy Coordinator currently. Since I love to run, I made a goal to run a marathon in under four hours last year. I also enjoy hiking, scrapbooking, reading, and going on adventures. My closest relative that is a nurse is my great great grandmother Tillie- I love doing family history as well! This past October, I married my best friend, Dallin and we are restoring a 1971 VW Beetle. I hope to aid SNA members and non-members alike in utilizing the opportunities provided by SNA for serving, learning, and building student nurse unity.

Camille Ackerman

Hello fellow nursing students! My name is Camille and I come from Arizona. Ok, Arizona most recently, but really my home is that ice cold yet wonderful state, Minnesota. Yup, I have lived through all the extremes. I am 22 years old and a first semester nursing student. I may not have much experience in the nursing program yet and I don't know most of you, but I am more than willing to work hard and to get to know all of you! Besides for nursing and serving others, one of my passions is creativity. I hope to use that creativity to keep you all well informed of the activities that are going on throughout the year. Oh yeah, and I'll try to help you all look your best in pictures taken at activities! Promise! Vote for me and you will never go unaware of the fun and amazing activities that are occur!



Joanna Ostler

Hey, I'm Joanna! And three most important things about me are that I love eating ice cream, watching movies, and traveling the world with my husband, Brandon. Truly, I believe ice cream was the 3rd greatest gift God gave to man. I also love indoor sky-diving, hiking to waterfalls, and (although I’m not good at it) playing volleyball with my family. I am currently a fourth semester student in the nursing program, and I have lived in Utah my whole life. I have spent years working as a pediatric Medical Assistant, and have spent much of my spare time advocating for and helping woman and children in Utah get out of domestically violent situations. I love serving on committees and boards because I believe that’s where we can make the greatest difference. As your SNA/UtSNA rep, I will be heavily involved in communicating with the Utah SNA board and discovering how we can make the BYU SNA chapter more fulfilling for our BYU nursing students.

Newsletter Editor


Mary Erdman

Hello, my name is Mary and I am 21. My husband and I met on a blind date and became fast friends. We have been married for 1 year and 5 months. I was born and raised in Utah, specifically in Sanpete County, Fairview city. I am the third youngest of 7 kids. I love to run, swim, draw, be outdoors, pizza, reading, and doing crafts. I love trying to make something beautiful out of unconventional things (roses from egg cartons). I am excited to get to know more nursing students through SNA! Lastly, I love American Sign Language and have taken all but one of the ASL courses offered here on BYU campus. I love the Deaf Community and hope that someday I can provide healthcare for deaf individuals.

Camie Mendon

Hello! My name is Camie Mendon and I hail from the tiny town of Orland in Northern California. I grew up in a rural farm community where orchards and diesel trucks are found equally plentiful. I am the youngest of 7 children, but for the first 7 years of my life I grew up with 10 older brothers and sisters (we had legal guardianship of 4 additional children for that time). So you could say I learned a lot from them about the “do’s” and “don’ts” of life. Some of my favorite hobbies include softball, white water rafting, and country swing dancing. I recently returned home from serving in the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission (God bless it!). If I didn’t already love BBQ, backroads, and country music I definitely do now! As far as nursing goes, I hope to work in the ER and eventually become a flight nurse. Ever since I was a small child I have wanted to work in the medical field and have been fascinated with emergency medicine. This desire was further instilled in me after one of my older brothers suffered a traumatic brain injury and survived after being in a nearly fatal motorcycle accident. I want to help people the way those nurses helped my brother and my family!

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