College of Nursing

Aimee Erickson - Activities Director 1


Home State: Utah

Bio: THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME: I can hold my breath for 3 minutes underwater as well as perfectly produce the vocals of Abu from Aladdin. Also capable of putting my leg behind my head and tying a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. I can squat more weight than my husband (please don’t tell him I said that). Past anatomy TA who spent free time hanging out with cadavers. I set both of my siblings up with their eternal companion (vote for me and I’ll lend you my services!). First concert was One Direction, and let me tell you: NO REGRETS. Amateur watercolorist. Gryffindor. Left-handed. Love languages include party planning, Halo Top ice cream, and guac. Life goals include: being a pediatric ED nurse/NP + adjunct faculty at BYU, swimming the English channel, and visiting all 7 continents.

Activities Director Duties
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings
• Plan and oversee the organization of the following activities:
   o One SNA social per semester for all SNA members (generally and opening and closing social)
   o Homecoming
   o Any other activities desired (firesides, Thanksgiving dinner, intramurals, etc.)
• Organize a committee to help with activities and preside as chair over this committee
• Assist and support other SNA board members with projects