College of Nursing

Joanna Ostler - NSNA/UtSNA Rep


Home State: Utah

Bio: Hey, I'm Joanna! And three most important things about me are that I love eating ice cream, watching movies, and traveling the world with my husband, Brandon. Truly, I believe ice cream was the 3rd greatest gift God gave to man. I also love indoor sky-diving, hiking to waterfalls, and (although I’m not good at it) playing volleyball with my family. I am currently a fourth semester student in the nursing program, and I have lived in Utah my whole life. I have spent years working as a pediatric Medical Assistant, and have spent much of my spare time advocating for and helping woman and children in Utah get out of domestically violent situations. I love serving on committees and boards because I believe that’s where we can make the greatest difference. As your SNA/UtSNA rep, I will be heavily involved in communicating with the Utah SNA board and discovering how we can make the BYU SNA chapter more fulfilling for our BYU nursing students.

BYU/USNA Rep. Duties
• Act as liaison between USNA and BYU SNA and the students
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings
• Attend USNA meetings once a month
• Become an expert on programs and scholarships run by NSNA/USNA so the students will have a greater chance of becoming involved with NSNA/USNA. Keep the BYU students informed.
• Communicate with each committee chair on the board of USNA and gather information about upcoming events. Relay that information back to BYU board and students.
• Gather scholarship information and post it on Blackboard. Find a way to let students know about them.
• Inform the students that they can participate in USNA board elections and help them get the information on what the duties consist of.