College of Nursing

Maggie Gunn - President


Home State: Pennsylvania

Bio: Hi! My name is Maggie and I’m stoked to have the opportunity to run for SNA president! Being part of SNA this past year has been a great experience and helped me see the College of Nursing from a different perspective. I’ve loved being able to work with all different semesters and professors. But, nursing school is just a small part of who I am. The rest of me loves pizza, binge watching the office, mountain biking, skiing, dark chocolate, traveling to new places, and pizza. Yes, pizza is on there twice. I just really love it. Anyway, that’s me. I’m just a human trying to survive nursing school and have a little fun along the way just like you.

SNA President Duties
• Preside over SNA board meetings
• Plan agendas for SNA board meetings
• Obtain verbal report of assignments from SNA members
• Approve all SNA activities
• Encourage officers in their duties
• Meet with the Dean of the College of Nursing on regular basis
• Act as liaison for nursing students
• Represent SNA in all matters
• Be an ex-officio member of various committees (ie: administrative council and alumni council) and appoint an alternate to attend meetings in your absence