College of Nursing

Scott Crepeau - 1st VP


Home State: California

Bio: I am from California and love the outdoors especially hiking, camping, and fishing. After I graduate from BYU I would like to immediately go on to obtain my masters. I am currently interested in working in the OR or ER. Bears are my favorite animal. One of my goals as Vice President, if elected, is to expand the mens restroom on the 4th floor of the SWKT.

1st Vice President Duties
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings
• Assume duties of the president in his/her absence
• Coordinate class representatives and relay information to the representatives to announce in their classes
• Organize and manage the Adopt-A-Student program
• Communicates with the president concerning any issues or concerns with the SNA board of activities
• Be an ex-officio member of various committees
• Coordinate class pictures for students in the College of Nursing