College of Nursing

Kapri Beus - Secretary


Home State: Utah

Bio: Oh hey! I'm Kapri, like CapriSun. To get to know me, I'm going to describe myself in three words: Amiable, happy, and food- lover. Amiable: I love people. Man, they are just awesome. Isn't everyone's life just so intriguing? Happy: I love to be happy, it just feels good. We have so many reasons to be happy! And last but not least, I love food; it’s what makes my world go round... and me quite literally. As for my life, I served in Brazil and love , love all sports- most recently pickle-ball, I quite like the smell of skunks, and I am fulfilling my lifelong dreams of becoming a nurse! As a secretary, I want to help more students get involved in SNA and learn what they can do to make a difference in the world. We all have ambition, we just need to learn where to channel that ambition and I want to help you know how you can make a difference.

Secretary Duties
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings
• Take minutes of all SNA meetings and email them to the all SNA members/faculty advisors (including SNA Web Support director to post them on the SNA website and Rose Ann Jarrett)
• Type up any additional documents needed for SNA
• Take attendance of all SNA meetings
• Schedule rooms for any SNA activities/meetings
• Keep calendar on Blackboard updated and post a monthly calendar of events on the NLC board.
• Assist with any committee needs for activities
• Maintain fourth floor bulletin board in SWKT (student lounge)