College of Nursing

Izzy Bernal - Membership Director (Membership)


Home State: Washington

Bio: Because you are a busy nursing student, I have made a list of all the essentials to get to know me: 1. Survived 18 months in the city ranked with the 4th highest murder rate in the world (Tegucigalpa Honduras) 2. Learned to cope with being 4’10” by reaching new heights on the BYU cheer team as a flyer in 2014 3. Can quote every line to the movie She’s the Man 4. Part-time vegan, when pizza is not involved. 5. Running in the rain enthusiast (from Seattle, WA) All jokes aside, I want to get involved. I hope to contribute my ideas and skills to facilitate greater unity among BYU nursing students, staff, and other leaders in the Nursing community.

Membership Director 1 (Membership) Duties
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings
• Keep an updated list of all SNA and NSNA members by having their names, the membership they purchase, and the card given marked on the list
• Director of BYU SNA and NSNA membership recruiting (1st semester packet, benefits, orientation, etc.)
• Distribute SNA cards to members during orientation and upon request
• Be in charge of all membership applications and turn money in to financial director and SNA board
• Allow new members Blackboard access and remove graduated members from Blackboard
• Have on file SNA and NSNA forms and cards
• Keep write-ups on the effectiveness of the activities carried out by Membership Director and SNA board