College of Nursing

Brooke Hyde - Campus Publicity Director


Home State: Utah

Bio: My name is Brooke Hyde. I am from Lehi, Ut and I grew up dancing ballet and was elected the president of a ballet company here in Utah Valley, where I learned the importance of unity in an association. Serving a full time mission in the Philippines taught me that in leadership, everyone’s perspectives and views are essential to making the best decision. I learned that everyone has different strengths and weakness and that we all need each other and can learn so much from each other. Throughout my life, I have developed a love of serving and in the past few years, I have served as a tutor in the Seeds of Success program at BYU as well as a tutor for students at BYU. I also participate in the Vineyard program here at BYU. I have learned it feels so wonderful to make a difference in someone else’s life and that is something that I want to continue to do throughout my life. I want to run for SNA because I want to help make a difference in someone else’s life and spread my influence a little bit further. Through SNA, I feel like I can reach out to more people and am in a better position to help. I can assist in unifying SNA here at BYU and make it an experience that will be remembered and treasured for life. I would also like to gain more professional experience to be prepared for my future career as a nurse and want to help others do the same.

Campus Publicity Director Duties
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings.
• Create SNA flyers and posters announcing activities (posted in NLC, 4th floor lounge, NLC board, outside of elevators on floors 3, 4, and 5).
• Maintain SNA board outside the NLC on a regular basis.
• Take pictures at all SNA activiites (or arrange to have someone else take them), develop them to post some on SNA board outside the NLC. Also, work with Web publicity director to post the pictures on SNA social media site(s) and in the emails.
• SNA class representatives chair. Will obtain a representative from each class of nursing students that will announce and promote SNA activities in each nursing class. Campus Publicity chair will send personal emails or make contact with each representative to keep them informed about upcoming events.
• Make sure all members have access to list of SNA board members.
• Help with other activities as needed.