College of Nursing

Mission Statement

The Brigham Young University Student Nurses' Association (BYU-SNA) is a pre-professional organization and a constituent of the Utah Student Nurses' Association (USNA). The USNA is composed of the college chapters of student nurse associations throughout the state of Utah. The National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) is composed of the fifty state organizations in the United States. These organizations unite to promote professionalism in the student nurse and help him/her to prepare for entry into practice into nursing.

Involvement is not only professionally-oriented, but service driven to the school and community.

Nursing students have the opportunity to join BYU- SNA to network with other nursing students locally and across the nation to create friendships and associations that can guide their future careers.

BYU SNA Officer Responsibilites

Benefits of joining BYU-SNA include

  • One time membership fee for all 2 1/2 years in the program.
  • Discounts from The Freedom Company and BYU Bookstore on all uniforms and supplies
    (This discount easily pays back your membership fee!)
  • Several fun activities.
  • Good opportunity to meet other nursing students of all semesters.
  • Many service opportunities.
  • Looks great on your resume.

Current Officers

Click on an officer's name to see their bio.

President Atalie Moore
1st VP Scott Crepeau
2nd VP Jeff Walsh
Secretary Jessica Small
Treasurer Mike McNeil
Membership Director 1 (Membership) Erin Marshall
Membership Director 2 (Sales) Heather Merrill
Service Director Terrell Timmons
Activities Kirie Schiel
Newsletter Editor Sarah Harris
BYU/USNA Rep. Paulette Barrus
Web Publicity Director Ashley Dyer

Faculty Advisors

Sondra Heaston, Debra Wing, Stacie Hunsaker