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How do I become a CNA?

After completing NURS 295 and NURS 292 BYU students may sit for the CNA exam in Utah. By taking these classes they do not need to take a CNA course. The exam consists of a written portion and a skills portion. For more information go to this website: The website has information on how to sign-up for a test time and test fees. There are practice written exams and a list of skills that could be required for the skills exam. Call the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry for additional questions (phone number on website). Other states will have different requirements.

Category: Advisement Questions
Content Expert: Deborah Himes
Date Last Updated: 2/20/2019 1:06:12 PM

How do I sign up for EduRoam?

Please refer to the document "Connecting to Eduroam.docx" below, or go to:,02b5f6124f646e00aa42d49f0310c7f0

Connecting to Eduroam.docx

Category: Technology Questions
Content Expert: Ken Robinson
Date Last Updated: 2/20/2019 1:06:33 PM

How do I have learning suite messages forward to my email?

(1) open learning suite (2) click on messages (little white envelope) (3) click "edit settings" in the upper right corner (4) mark which options you want - you can have email sent to you whenever students or instructors send new messages or reply to messages. (5) mark the FERPA release box if you agree (6) click the save button. (7) sit back and wait for your email to roll in :)

Category: Technology Questions
Content Expert: Deborah Himes
Date Last Updated: 2/20/2019 1:07:22 PM

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