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College Appreciates its Student Employees

3/26/2020 3:36:34 PM - Jeff L. Peery

Each year, the BYU campus community designates the last week of March as Student Employee Appreciation Week. The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University benefits significantly from student employees and is pleased to highlight a few of the individuals working in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower.

Media Team Members

The college media team members consist of three public relations assistants: Lyndee Johns, Corbin Smith, and Quincey Taylor; and two videographers: Zak Gowans and Marley “Mars” Mareno.

Lyndee Johns is a senior from Vancouver, Washington, and will graduate in April. She is completing an English major with a minor in editing and creative writing. This semester, she has worked for the media team as part of an internship for her capstone editing class. Her supervisor, public relations and communications manager Jeff L. Peery says, “Lyndee’s passion for literature is shown when she can carry a conversation about ANY character in any novel or story. She truly enjoys reading all types of genres.”

For the college, Johns’ skills are demonstrated through various types of writing. During the semester, her portfolio of articles focused on formal research and mentored learning pieces to positive and uplifting student and alumni spotlights. Peery says, “She is a strong writer and produces thoughtful stories that show her ability to tell stories as well as convey vital information.”

Corbin Smith is a junior from Auburn, Washington. He was accepted into BYU’s public relations program this semester and used his employment as a way to enhance and strengthen his education. His abilities include writing unique narratives, engaging with students online through social channels, and being willing to try new things when it comes to planning special events.

“Smith has a contagious smile and outgoing personality that makes him easily relatable,” says Peery. “We sometimes use him for photos or video extras as he is so accommodating to help with any project.”

For example, to promote the annual Night of Nursing events last month, Corbin filmed a message to alumni showing him baking cookies and enjoying a glass of BYU chocolate milk. The shot called for him to miss his lips and spill the liquid down his t-shirt and then exclaim—“My bad!”

Watch the Planned Just for You: Night of Nursing video at

“We filmed the scene five times, with each one requiring Corbin to change his shirt,” says Peery. “On the last attempt, he knew it was the last, so he poured the rest of the bottle on himself. It was so fun; we had to use it for the video, instead of the blooper reel.”

Quincey Taylor is a senior from Bentonville, Arkansas, and will graduate in April. She also studies public relations and has enjoyed her four semesters at the college. Her strengths reside in details and event planning. She previously worked for the university alumni office and brought with her the ability to understand alumni relations, organizing special events, and tracking event details.

“Quincey has spent most of her time at BYU understanding how alumni-related tactics are implemented,” says Peery. “Things like nametags, surveys, and event registrations may overwhelm others, but she is familiar with and capable of handling many tasks at a time.”

The college recently started using university alumni chapters to help host Night of Nursing locations. As a coincidence, Quincey’s parents are chapter chairs for the BYU Arkansas Chapter and have hosted events for the past two years. “It was good to see her interact with her parents in this unique way,” says Peery.

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