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Alum Perspective

9/9/2021 8:23:04 AM - Jeff L. Peery

The following article comes from the Fall 2021 college magazine and contains information written by a BYU nursing alumna that requests to remain anonymous to protect herself and her career.

I am a nurse practitioner in the Washington, DC, region (Alumna requests to remain anonymous to protect herself and her career). My effort to live the Healer’s art, coupled with my training at BYU’s College of Nursing, has led me to an unexpected role: street medic. I believe that others within the BYU nursing program and its alumni network would find my experiences inspiring and could broaden their vision of ways that they can “go forth to serve.”

A background on street medics: A street medic is a volunteer with medical training who attends public events, especially protests, and provides first aid and medical assistance to those in need. They frequently are not part of the protest itself, instead of holding themselves as separate support personnel ready to aid any injured. Some street medics work as part of a larger organization, allowing themselves to pool resources and better coordinate their efforts. Others volunteer what time and resources they have on an individual basis. Volunteers usually wear distinctive markers and clothing to distinguish themselves from protest participants, seeing themselves as similar to Doctors Without Borders or the American Red Cross. Their neutrality is supposed to be honored by protestors, counter-protestors, police, media, and politicians. The presence of a street medic at an event is seen as a public good for all.

Read the rest of the story on our blog at

Listen to an exclusive interview on The College Handoff, with “Barbara and Frank” as they explain the basics of street medicine and share why it is so rewarding.

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