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Undergraduate Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance into the baccalaureate nursing program is based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to, academic performance, healthcare experience, assessments, interviews, other parts of the application and your service list.


Students must complete all pre-requisite courses with at least a C (a C- is not satisfactory progress). * All Independent Study/transfer classes (if taken) must have grades posted on transcript by application deadline. English as a Second Language (ESL) students have additional pre-requisites. Please see the Advisement Center for more information.


Student must have an ACT or SAT or TOEFL (for English as a Second Language students only) on file at BYU in order to apply.

Service List

The college of nursing is looking for an ongoing commitment to service over time (3 years) in community, school, and church service/leadership. Continuous involvement in a variety of organized service opportunities is encouraged whether the student is involved in many short-term projects, or fewer long-term projects.

Healthcare Experience

The college of nursing is looking for at least 6 months if possible but any experience will do.  It can be through volunteer or work experience. Healthcare is a wide umbrella so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a CNA. There will be a short answer essay question in relation to the experience.


Recommendations are online forms to be filled out by the recommender, not letters. Recommendations should come from someone who knows the applicant well and who can address the character traits identified on the form. Applicants can select individuals from the following options: organizational leader, co-worker, supervisor, coach, employer or teacher. (High school teachers often know the applicant better than a BYU professor.) The recommender should not be a parent, sibling, spouse, other family member, or close friend (i.e. roommate).

Emotional Intelligence

In an effort to move towards a more holistic application and view of the student, the application will also include emotional intelligence assessment(s).  See the application for more information.


Interviews may be conducted online via a video link or in person and may be pre-recorded or live.  If follow-up questions are needed, the student will be notified. More specific information will be in the application.


Acceptance Data

For current acceptance data, please see the Basic Information Packet.

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