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Apply for Nursing Program

This a general outline of the application process. For more details please read the Basic Information Packet and the other documents listed under Helpful Materials. For questions please contact the College of Nursing Advisement Center.

Before Applying

A.    Be admitted as a student at Brigham Young University

BYU Admissions Web Site

Admission Deadlines

BYU Online Undergraduate Application

  1. Transfer Students
  • Have a transfer GPA of at least a 3.5-3.6. BYU may limit admission of transfer students with more than 80 semester credits of transfer work
  • Check with Advisement Center regarding transferring classes and your ACT/SAT score.
  • If you intend to transfer to BYU and start the Nursing program in the same semester, all pre-requisite classes with their grades must be on file at BYU at the nursing application deadline.

B.  Complete the pre-requisites

  • Pre-requisites courses: CHEM 285, NDFS 100, CELL 220 (or CELL 210), and Human Development (SFL 210 or Psych 220). In addition, complete a minimum of at least 16 hours from the university core.
  1. Grades must be posted on the BYU transcript for all pre-requisiste courses by the application deadline. For transfer students, all equivalent pre-requisite classes being transferred to BYU must be posted on BYU transcripts prior to application deadline. All Independent Study classes (if taken) need to have grades posted on transcript by application deadline.
  2. No mid-term grades will be accepted.
  3. In order to be eligible to apply to the College of Nursing, a student must have at least 25 total credit hours (including pre-requisites), no more than 75 BYU credit hours, and no more than 100 total credit hours (transfer + BYU).
  4. ESL students have additional pre-requisites.  Please see Students With English as a Second Language section.

C. Students desiring to complete a full-time LDS mission are strongly encouraged to apply to the nursing program after they have completed their missionary service.

Students with English as a Second Language

ESL students must complete the following requirements, in addition to completing the five nursing prerequisites, which are CHEM 285, NDFS 100, CELL 220 or (CELL 210), and a developmental elective (SFL 210 or PSYCH 220).

  1. Have a TOEFL over-all score of at least a 93 (internet-based) with at least 24 sub-scores in both reading and listening


  2. Take the OPI/IELTS package exams *this cannot be started until you have the minimum score needed for the TOEFL

  • OPI is a speaking exam and ILETS is a writing exam
  • Must schedule your exam by calling 801-422-3137
  • Will take approximately 3 hours and is in the English Language Center, 35 E. University Parkway, Provo, UT 84602
  • Bring ID card and follow BYU dress and grooming standards
  • No dictionaries
  • $40 per package exams and for each time you test.
  • Passing score is Advanced-Mid for OPI and 7 for IELTS writing exam
  • Take this test as soon as possible; the results will tell you if you need to do any remediation through additional ESL/BYU courses or other non-course remediation options. 
  • Once your remediation (at least 1 semester in time) is completed you will need to re-test ($40/test package).
  • Ask the Nursing Advisement Center about a possible scolarship for testing.



Start Program

Application Online

Fall Semester

March – Beginning of May

Winter Semester

July – Beginning of September

A. Complete an online application as described on the BYU College of Nursing website. Applicants are evaluated on a variety of criteria.

  1. GPA; ACT/SAT, TOEFL (if needed);
  2. Written communication skills; community; resume; healthcare related jobs and/or volunteer experience; recommendations from employers and/or educators; interview; and the professional judgment of the admissions committee.
  3. All applicants may be asked to complete a standardized assessment to measure attributes necessary to be a successful registered nurse. The assessment costs will be the responsibility of the student.
  4. The admissions committee will review each application and choose the most appropriate candidates for advancement in the admission process (see application for details).
  5. Applications are submitted online. Applications must be filled out by the applicant himself/herself, whether home or abroad.
  6. Complete all additions documents, questions and information requested in the application.
  7. If the instructions in the application itself are not followed, the application will not be considered.

After Acceptance

     a. Complete criminal background checks/drug screen from the acceptance packet

This process is explained in the acceptance packet. The cost is approximately $40. The drug screen is approximately $60-$80.  It tests for specific drugs listed in the acceptance packet. Usually a 9 panel drug screen is fine as long as the specific drugs are tested. All information about how to do this is outlined in the Acceptance Packet.

     b. Submit the Acceptance Packet

This includes signed forms, background check/drug screen, CPR, physical form and Immunizations.


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