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Jacob Nunnery

By Emily Covey

Jacob Nunnery has not stopped learning and growing since graduating from nursing school in spring 2008. Since graduating he has worked full-time in a step-down telemetry unit at Houston Northwest Medical Center and has truly made a difference where he has practiced. His efforts to better the nursing profession are both inspiring and remarkable. Jacob has worked as a charge nurse on his unit for about a year-and-a-half and has found it both fun and challenging. His passion for professionalism is evident.

Jacob is a member of his unit’s Staff Nurses Advisory Council (SNAC). As a member of this council, he suggested using an electronic Kardex and was heavily involved in organizing the program. The Kardex is now used hospital wide. Jacob also implemented an employee of the month program on his unit to help increase employee recognition. As a member of SNAC, he made suggestions that have increased the effectiveness of nurses’ documentation of their clients’ pain as well as increased nurses’ ability to assess and document accurate fluid intake.

For the past six months Jacob has worked on the hospital’s education council. He helped organize and co-teach the hospital’s first continuing education course by nurses, for nurses. In the past three months, he has been on a team of select nurses and managers who are implementing a hospital-wide Leadership Advance Communications Program, taught on a national level by Wendy Leebov. The goal is to help all staff members communicate a caring attitude to each other and their clients. Each month they teach a new topic from nine different lessons, and he has enjoyed teaching different classes to a variety of hospital employees.

Jacob is a member of his hospital’s Policy and Procedures Council where he helps review and edit hospital documents to ensure they are up to date and accurate. He is also involved in the hospital’s Staffing Effectiveness Council and Magnet Council.

When asked how the BYU College of Nursing has impacted his profession, Jacob replied, “The College of Nursing at BYU provided an education that gave me an edge in the nursing profession. I feel that because of my education at BYU I have been better prepared for the many different aspects of this career, which has enabled me to be a better nurse.

“Aside from helping me be prepared for the nursing field, the College of Nursing at BYU has helped put things in perspective with regard to nursing and spiritual beliefs. Every workday, I get the opportunity to practice being more Christ-like with the people I care for. This has made such a big difference in the way I treat people in my everyday life. My testimony of the Lord’s hand in my life continues to grow and I know that I owe my thanks to Him for where I am today. I have also become more aware of the great sacrifices that our teachers at BYU make to ensure that we have the best education possible. It is incredible what they do and I wish I could thank them all individually.”

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