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Mike and Ashley Fisher

By Emily Dougall

College of Nursing alumni Mike and Ashley Fisher met in interesting circumstances. Ashley graduated from the college in April 2007 and began working in Labor and Delivery at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (UVRMC). In January of 2008, Mike was doing his clinical rotations on her unit and was set up on a date by his preceptor who was Ashley’s good friend. Being the shy and somewhat awkward male nursing student in Labor and Delivery, he made no attempt to ask for her phone number. Instead, the preceptor arranged to get Ashley’s number for Mike. Mike left his nursing rotation that day with Ashley’s phone number and called her that night. They set up their first date and were married a year later in May 2009, one month after Mike graduated from the BYU College of Nursing.

Ashley worked at UVRMC as a labor and delivery nurse for just over three years and currently works as a labor and delivery nurse at a hospital outside of Phoenix, AZ, where she and Mike have recently moved. Mike worked at Riverwoods Surgery Center as an operating room nurse, circulating and scrubbing for a little over a year after graduating. In addition to work, Mike has had opportunities to do volunteer work translating for Spanish speaking patients seeking healthcare.

Mike and Ashley are both working on advanced degrees. Mike is currently attending Midwestern University of Arizona in the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Ashley has been attending the University of Cincinnati through their distant learning program for over a year and is working towards her Master’s degree as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

When asked how the college of nursing has impacted his life, Mike said, “By attending BYU, specifically the College of Nursing, I was led to my sweet wife and have learned to truly care for people who are suffering.”

He also stated that the BYU College of Nursing was the perfect foundation for entrance into Osteopathic Medicine. The College of Nursing taught him to look at the patient as a whole and not just a disease process. In nursing school, he learned that the Healer’s Art is a phenomenal way to approach medical school.

For Ashley, the BYU College of Nursing instilled a desire to teach, serve and care for those in the community. Ashley stated, “Although we are all different, everyone with their own individual traits and talents, the Healer’s Art helps to remind me that we are all brothers and sisters. It helps me to love those I care for.”

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