College of Nursing

Honored Alumna 2010

Laura Poe

I first became exposed to the political and regulatory side of nursing while attending the BYU/Salt Lake Campus. I learned to be a healer, advocate, lobbyist, and educator. Throughout my schooling and professional life, I have been able to use my scientific, logical side to influence policy and statutes, while using my humanity to help others heal and to make a difference in another person's life. I've been blessed to be involved in the art and science of nursing, and hopefully have been able to have a positive impact along the way.

Past Honorees

  • 1995 Patricia Isaacs
  • 1994 Myrna Warnick
  • 1993 Rae Jeanne Memmott
  • 1992 Jennie Van Drimmelen
  • 1991 Chloe Tillery
  • 1990 Rayola Anderson
  • 1989 Lucie Ann Campbell Jarrett
  • 1988 Jewel Bartholomew
  • 1987 Rich Porter Dean
  • 1986 Sue Ann Christensen
  • 1985 Mary Ann Young
  • 1984 Susan Gardner
  • 1982 Mary Ellen Edmunds
  • 1980 Leslee A. Swendsen Boss
  • 1976 June Leifson