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Funding Priorities

Outlined are three funding priorities for the college:

 Priority #1 — Endowment for Mentored & Inspiring Learning Fund

  • Purpose: Funding allows students to receive outside-of-class learning experiences from current faculty members. # students involved: 2018=232 experiences; 2019=327 planned opportunities
  • Why give? To create additional opportunities, the College of Nursing established a $1 million endowed fund; current amount $572,794. The interest from this fund is allocated for college grants to hire research assistants or mentor students through faculty research or contribution to the discipline projects. Donors may receive updates to the fund and various projects in the semiannual college magazine. They can also view success stories on the college website ( and learn of student involvement, outcomes, and ways the projects are making a difference in the community.
  • Benefit to participants: By participating in faculty projects and the hands-on approach to learning, students can ease their fears and increase their confidence in their ability to complete scholarly works projects/research or make a difference to the nursing profession. The most critical result is not the discovery of new knowledge or faculty development but student growth through this type of learning.

 Priority #2 — Additional Student Scholarships

  • Need: Through additional scholarship funding, the College of Nursing can allow more students to graduate on-time, along with taking some of the financial pressure off of students and families. # students involved: 167 students and 6 graduate students received a college scholarship.
  • Why give? Typically, the person funding a scholarship receives personal satisfaction knowing they are offering a student a chance at a brighter future. Individuals could establish a named scholarship fund for a loved one, or contribute any amount into a general fund. Donors of endowed scholarships will receive a personal thank you letter from the scholarship recipient. They could also arrange to meet the student for a luncheon or at another university function.
  • Benefit to participants: Besides the tax credit for the donor and a higher graduation rate for the university, donations can change the circumstances of someone else for the better, or inspire generosity or compassion in others. Through their efforts, donors may be the answer to a prayer or save another person’s life without even realizing it.

 Priority #3 — Other Opportunities for Student Growth

  • Need: The College of Nursing is unique in that is doesn’t have departments, but different types of program development for student growth. Funds are needed to support expenses in three areas: student participation in a college-sponsored Utah Honor Flight for veteran care; obtaining additional materials for students to use in the Mary Jane Rawlinson Geertsen Nursing Learning Center; and continued growth of the Public & Global Health Endowed Fund. # students involved: 16 with Honor Flight; 424 students use simulation lab; 112 students annually participate in a clinical practicum for the public and global health nursing course.
  • Why give? Many donors see philanthropy as a way to pay it forward or as a means of providing opportunities to a younger generation. Donors can view program successes in the semiannual college magazine or as success stories on the college social channels.
  • Benefit to participants: By investing in students, donors can transform the trajectory of the individual or allow them to consider additional career specialties they may never discover on their own.

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