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The Future of Nursing Depends on the Past

By Carol Kounanis

Associate Director, Major Gifts

LDS Philanthropies

    Nursing is such a one-on-one experience that we often don’t think of the worldwide effect that nurses can have.  Thankfully our current Nursing students are blessed with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a variety of international areas via the college’s Global Health and Human Diversity program.  Recent student groups have worked in Ghana, Tonga, India, Ecuador, and Finland, learning about the unique needs of people in these areas.

    As you might guess, experiences like these come with a high price tag.  Students not only have to pay tuition but also travel costs and living expenses.  The College of Nursing is endeavoring to raise $370,000 by the end of 2012 to finish funding an endowment to support this program.  In order to reach our goal we are looking to the past–Nursing alumni–to invite you to invest in the future.  You’ve often heard it said that “it takes a village...”  If every Nursing alumnus gave just $60–an especially appropriate amount in this, our College of Nursing 60th Anniversary year–we can do it.

    Another area of focus for the College of Nursing is scholarships.  The College of Nursing differs from most other colleges in that we try to provide scholarship assistance for all of our students, not just a select few.  While it is a great blessing to them to receive assistance with tuition, the overall amount per student is proportionally smaller due to the higher number of students receiving scholarships.  Most Nursing students receive a mere $500 or less per semester which is less than one-fourth of the price of tuition.

    There are many ways in which you can give to help support these worthy causes.  Naturally, the easiest way would be to simply write out a check or do it online with your credit card.  But you can also do it through in-kind donation of stocks or other securities, real estate, or a planned gift in your will or trust.  If you’d like to explore any of these options, please feel free to contact me:

Carol Kounanis, or 801-422-8294.  I hope you’ll consider giving so others can continue the BYU tradition of going forth to serve.

 Carol Kounanis - Bio

    Armed with years of experience as a volunteer fund raiser for the Utah Symphony, Ballet West, and other Utah arts and national non-profit organizations, Carol joined LDS Philanthropies in 2002 as Associate Director of Major Gifts.  Prior to her current assignment in the College of Nursing, Carol was the donor liaison in the College of Humanities.  In her spare time, Carol enjoys horseback riding, cooking and reading.

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