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Emeline Grover Rich Nursing Endowed Scholarship

As one reads the history of Emeline Grover Rich, the fifth wife of Apostle Charles C. Rich, he/she is impressed with the positive qualities of her life--her power of decision, her belief in divine revelation, and her willingness to obey its call. With the strength of faith and mind, she accepted the challenge of plural marriage when she was less than 18 years of age. A woman of iron determination and willful decision, nothing stood in her way when she felt she was right.

As a midwife, she brought hundreds of babies into the world. Emeline Grover Rich always had great faith in her own potentiality to master difficulties. As long as she lived, she was alert to new ideas and was a strong advocate of formal education. But her great personal strength was her industry.

In the Autumn of 1839, the Grover family moved from Quincy, Illinois, to Nauvoo. Emeline, the second oldest child, at nine year of age, found employment in the homes of Nauvoo. This experience, exclaimed Emeline, "Aroused within me an intense interest for the caring of the sick which later became a part of my life's work." Less than two weeks after her marriage, Emeline joined the Rich families who were among the first groups of Saints to leave Nauvoo and cross the Mississippi on the long trek to the Salt Lake Valley.

In June, the family arrived at Mount Pisgah, Iowa, 172 miles distance from Nauvoo.

"We started on our journey across the plains on June 14, 1847. On account of the government called for 500 volunteers (Mormon Battalion) from our company for the Mexican War, it took all our teamsters, but as we had prepared to leave, the wives and daughters took up the whips to drive the ox teams across the plains. They either had to do this or stay behind, and that they did not desire to do. Some of the teams were very wild. I was one of the number that drove an ox team from Winter Quarters to the Salt Lake Valley. 1 walked all the way and missed day's driving. Very scantily clad and poorly fed as we were, we truly had a hard journey, but one and glad were we when we saw before us the Salt Lake Valley."

This pioneer lady shared in the experiences of the Salt Lake Valley, San Bernardino, Little can be said that will add to nor detract from Centerville, and finally the Bear Lake Valley the nobility of these Saints. These giants were the elect of the nineteenth century humanity.

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