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Fiji 2018

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Fiji Islands   

Time Frame

April 26 to May 17 

Clinical Experiences

Clinical experiences will include both community and hospital settings. Students will participate in village health screenings, community health education, and nursing care in public hospitals.

Other Experiences

Students will have the opportunity to interact with Fijian nursing students and school children. Plans include participation in a humanitarian project.

Outside Trips/ Cultural Experiences

Temple attendance in Suva. Church activities with local wards. Village, river, rainforest and waterfall tours will provide opportunities to interact with local residents and experience Fijian culture.


About $4200 (including tuition - cost may vary depending on airfare)


“The most meaningful cultural experience that I had during my study abroad occurred in a small village in Fiji. We drove in a bus to the village and set up for blood glucose and blood pressure screenings. There were many nursing students and teachers in attendance, but the villagers came in waves, like an open house, so we had some down time during the screening.  While I had a break from recording glucose levels, I decided to strike up conversation with a man I had noticed overseeing the screening clinic. His name is Alipate Kaka. At the beginning of our conversation, I discovered that he was the head-man of the village (a chief, essentially). Intrigued, I continued talking with him about his experiences being a head-man and living in Fiji. I learned that the village was not a Fijian village, as we had all assumed, but that the residents were “descendants of Solomon,” meaning that they originated from the Solomon Islands. I learned about the opposition his people had faced by Fijians years ago as they took indentured servants from the Solomon Islands to build up the city of Suva. I learned about how much money he makes as a construction worker and how he cares for his family. Alipate was passionate about sharing his story with me, and wanted me to understand the joys and struggles that he goes through day to day. As I listened to his words, I was struck with respect and a desire to understand more about his culture. I found myself asking him questions and follow-up questions for almost two hours. My understanding grew gradually through our conversation, first I was able to decipher English through his thick accent, and by the end I was able to anticipate Alipate’s emotions and share some of my story with him. I learned about Fijian and Solomon culture through this experience…This experience encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and talk to more individuals during the remainder of our trip, even on the airplane rides home. I feel that my personal values have developed to want to learn more about different cultures…”

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