College of Nursing

Taiwan 2018

Student nurses assisting EMS team in Taiwan

Tainan, Taiwan                                                                                                                                                                                       
Time Frame
May 1-27 (3 1/2 weeks)
Clinical Experiences
ICU, Onc, Emergency Room, Community, Eastern Medicine
Outside Trips/Weekend Culture Experiences
Taipei, Hualein, Kenting - Religious temples, museums, memorials, shrines, aboriginal culture dancers, hiking and water related activities
et al.
$3700 (including tuition - cost may vary with airline costs)


“I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow from the amazing people of Taiwan.  I have been touched by their goodness and their spirituality.  I have been touched and taught by the Holy Ghost each day in the hospital.  He has allowed me to feel a small portion of the love that he feels for each and every patient I have cared for in Taiwan.  I never expected that I would say, after being here just one week, that I am a changed person, but I truly think I am.  I hope I can bring that love, genuineness, and tenderness that I have been touched with here, to the people I serve back home.”

Student nurse assisting in hospital in Taiwan