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Integrative Healing 2011   

Ten students participated in the integrative healing clinical experience. They explored various complementary and alternative healing modalities (CAM), which included clinical experiences in the offices of chiropractors, nurse practitioners, integrative medical clinics, health spas and alternative health practitioners here in Utah. They also had a lab where they learned hands-on healing modalities from expert practitioners. They also interacted with people and families who use integrative healing practice to learn about their health beliefs.

Student Reflections:

"This class has really changed my understanding of the Healer's Art because it has given me a fuller perspective on what it means to be open-minded and non-judgmental of others.... [It] has really helped me to understand how treating each patient I care for in a culturally sensitive way can make me a better nurse by providing individualized care for each patient. I didn't realize that learning to provide culturally competent care is such an essential part of the Healer's Art." 

"It was difficult at times to feel comfortable in a situation where everyone is sharing from the heart but coming from a different place spiritually. When I have such a strong belief in my own religion, I had to learn to not look at others' beliefs as "wrong". Instead, I tried to look at what values we had in common. I came to respect whatever source of guidance and morals they had. It was a great experience for me to have those feelings of disagreement and unease because I learned how to be more cooperative and appreciative of those who were different from me. In my nursing profession, I think this will help me as I continue to encounter others who have different beliefs than me."

"Learning about the various CAM modalities exposed me to a lot of new ideas and helped me realize just how much I don't know. It also taught me that people come with all manner of attitudes and beliefs and that every person has their own unique experience in life--just another thing to keep in mind as a nurse, since every patient is a person and every person is unique, so they ought to be treated that way."


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