College of Nursing


Immigrant & Refugee 2013


Student nurse taking blood pressure


Salt Lake County
Time Frame
Entire Spring Block (6-7 weeks)
Clinical Experiences
Various clinics for under-insured clients
***clinicals 2-3 days per week (8-10 hrs/day)
Other Experiences
Children’s Justice Symposium (optional), Class once a week
Outside Trips/Weekend Culture Experiences
Community cultural fairs, Refugee ward church services, Asian annual fair
Tuition (+ gas money to get to SLC 2-3 times per week)


     “The most meaningful cultural experience I had during this course was definitely the experiences I had while teaching refugee families in their homes. It would have been one thing to sit down with them in a classroom at AAU or a library and deliver a lesson to each family but going to their homes was so much more intensive for both the families and us. We got to see what their culture really was like and got to know them individually. But most importantly I feel like I experienced their culture. We were able to see how they interact with their family and friends, how they cook, how they clean, how they dress, what they do in their spare time, and most significantly we were able to see the real and personal struggles that their families were having in adjusting to life in a new country. The families opened their homes to us, which made them very vulnerable. Through these experiences I felt like I could really become submersed in their culture.” 


     “Seeing families take pride in their culture and work hard to continue certain practices, as well as just being excited about things from home makes me realize how strongly matters to us personally. I need to be aware of this as I care for my patients as I nurse. I need to show interest in who they are because of the group and culture they are a part of not just about their illness in general. When I teach and give recommendations, I first need to get a general idea of what my patients believe and know. The cultural experiences I had this semester will change the questions I ask and advice I give to patients in the future. I need to know what their recourses are so I’m not telling them, for example, to clean when they do not know how or do not have access to needed materials. I have a greater respect for other cultures then I did before this semester. It is amazing how perspective can do that. For example, it was pointed out in class that a priesthood blessing could be considered alternative therapy. This changed my view on the alternative therapies of other cultures.”


Student nurse with immigrant & refugee population     Student nurse & child  Children posting dental tracking chart