College of Nursing

Ecuador 2016

Student Nurse with children in Ecuador

Location Guayaquil, Quito, Otavalo              
Time Frame 3 1/2 weeks, April 29th - May 25th
Clinical Experiences Working alongside Ecuadorian nurses in the Maternity, Pediatric, and Adult Medical/Surgical Hospitals, community experiences working with a non profit group called Hogar de Cristo
Other Experiences Stake Health Fairs and other teaching experiences
Outside Trips/Weekend Culture Experiences Some of the excursions in the past have included the beach, a historical park, "Poncho's Fair" in Otavalo, zip-lining in Mindo, riding the gondola in Quito, and going to La Mitad del Mundo museums. 
Cost $4460 (including tuition - cost may fluctuate with airline costs)


“This was the most amazing class I have ever taken. I cannot believe the amount of things that I learned. The experience was truly once in a lifetime and I am so grateful for the things I was able to see and do. Not only did I learn a lot about culture and nursing, but I was also able to strengthen my testimony and learn a lot about myself. The things that I learned in Ecuador will stay with me for the rest of my life”

Student Nurse CPR demonstration            Student Nurses in Ecuador hospital room