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Samoa 2016

American and Independent Samoa     
Time Frame
 3 - 4 weeks, approximately April 23 to May 17 (dependent upon airline flights)
Clinical Experiences
Clinical and cultural experiences are varied and rich and Include community and hospital experiences with focus on community outreach. Some examples include primary school health education, performing assessments during home visits, teaching in outreach clinics, going door to door to teach health promotion.  Hospital experiences include labor and delivery, pediatrics, emergency intensive care and surgical wards. School based dental health teaching and demonstrations on both Tutuila and Upolu.
Other Experiences
Clinics held in marketplace/villages including blood pressure and glucose screenings. Performing health assessments of school children.
Outside Trips/Weekend Culture Experiences
We visit To Sua trenches (weather permitting), we hike and take an occasional swim at the beach.  We attend a Fia Fia night.  We attend the “First Friday” night market in Pago Pago and celebrate Nurses week with the American Samoan nurses.  
About $4450 (including tuition - cost may vary with airline costs)Includes Air flight, local transportation, housing, admission fees, ferries, rentals, and most meals.


"I learned the power of cultural humility when entering into a new environment for the first time. I learned that as I humbled myself before the Samoan people they welcomed me in and they allowed me to view their culture from the inside, rather than the outside. I was able to hear the Samoan peoples stories and visit with their families. I learned that having cultural humility is an attribute that will allow you to care for almost all cultures. By showing love and a listening heart, others feel more comfortable and open up to you. Through this experience in Samoa, I have learned how I can deal with people of other cultures. I now know how I can approach others and how I can practice the Healers art. By loving and serving others I can make a difference in people’s lives."

“Every day, in every village, there would be time set aside to pray as a family and ponder known as Sa. It didn’t matter what religion the people in the village belonged to, they all set aside this sacred hour to talk to God and get out of the world. I realized that I needed to make God always first”

"Throughout my entire stay in Samoa, I could feel the spirit constantly guiding me.  My knowledge of the Healers art through global health has been made clear during our trip to the South Pacific.  We are all Heavenly Fathers children and it fascinates me how much love He has for everyone in all parts of the world.  His spirit glows in the Samoans eyes and hearts.  Nurses have the gift to heal His children in every way possible.  We are His hands to care for those in need.  I was fortunate enough to demonstrate this task as we served the people of Samoa."

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