College of Nursing

Veteran Group 2016


FACULTY:    Ron Ulberg,, 502-6572

                     Kent Blad,, 808-7868

  • APPROXIMATE COST OF PROGRAM: $2250 (includes tuition)
    • Location: We spend 8 days in Washington DC, in addition to local and rural clinical experiences with our Veteran population.  
    • Schedule: Our week in DC will be during the first part of May.
    • Length of time away from Provo: During spring term we will be in DC for 8 days; in addition to several single days on various field trips in the state, as well as the Honor flight the first weekend in June.
    • HONOR FLIGHT: Students will serve as a guardian to a WWII, Korean, or Vietnam War veteran on a 3 day trip to see their memorial in Washington DC.  This year, 2015, the College of Nursing cosponsored an Honor Flight in May that allowed 17 veterans to visit and reflect at their war memorials in Washington, DC. The Utah Honor Flight is a Utah-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a trip for veterans to visit their memorials in Washington DC, and our students help facilitate that trip for these deserving veterans.

WINTER PREPARATION CLASS REQUIRED: 390R cultural prep class will be held during winter semester.  There will be several Monday afternoon classes and several assignments that you will prepare during winter and present during our trip to Washington, DC.

OTHER: This course offers the opportunity for students to gain a greater insight and appreciation for our Veteran population, the challenges they have faced and how that effects them the rest of their lives.  We learn about availability to health care and what the nation is doing to better provide for them; research Veterans on a personal basis; and discover how to best care for this diverse population.

GRANDPA: Two of our students last year were able to take their grandfathers on the Honor Flight, that was incredible.