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2006 Orca Awards

Student Title Faculty Mentor
Yoose, Cora T Assessing hand Washing Techniques Among Nurses in Ecuador Birkhead, Anna C
Onofrio, Michelle M Attitudes toward HPV vaccination among conservative Utah parents Maughan, Erin D
Thacker, Shelley Childbearing Women's Perceptions of Labor and Delivery Callister, Lynn Clark
Peterson, Neil Edward Developing an Instrument to Measure Vaccine Hesitancy a Luthy, Karlen E
Millar, Kathryn Developmental Therapies for Pre-term Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Argentin Coverston, Catherine
Rae Barnett, Holly Jean Effectiveness of Hospital Procedures for Insuring the Uninsured in the Salt Lake Area Maughan, Erin D
Merrill, Paul Helping Hands, Healing Hearts: The Impact of Additional Training on Maternity Nursing practice Coverston, Catherine
Jay Hess, Laura L Mean Oxygen Saturation in Well Neonates at 4498ft. Ravert, Patricia Kay
Arnesen, Kelli Marie Parent perception of the effect of pharmacotherapy on their child with autism Mandleco, Barbara L
Wilkinson, Stephen E Perceptions of Childbirth Among Women in the Ashanti Region of Ghana Callister, Lynn Clark
Hallam, Megan Perceptions of Parents Raising a Child With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Mandleco, Barbara L
Astill, Meagan K Perceptions of Public Health Nurses in Taiwan Maughan, Erin D
Rowley, Alanna Rene Retention of Emergency Care Knowledge among Nursing Students Palmer, Sheri P
Peterson, Megann C Snapshots Reflecting the Lives of Siblings of Children with Autism Mandleco, Barbara L
Pickett, Melissa Lynn Support of Laboring Women in Argentina Callister, Lynn Clark
Duersch, Alene The Effect of Low Birth Weight in Preterm Infants and Future Growth and Development Problems Mills, Debra Ann
Groesbeck, Jaclyn M The Experience of Fathers Raising an Adolescent who has a Disability Mandleco, Barbara L
Hocking, Sarah Langren Understanding the Experience of Living with Chronic Pain: A Descriptive Qualitative Study Lassetter, Jane H
Paredes, Maria Teresa What critical resources do Hispanic women of childbearing age in Utah need to promote adequate health Birkhead, Anna C
Anderson, Alicia Writing Apprehension and the Impact on Learning in Undergraduate Nursing Students Callister, Lynn Clark
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