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Funded Research Submission Deadlines

Research proposals seeking College funding should be submitted to the Research Secretary, who will send out the proposal for review.


(sample proposals and consent letters are available in the Research Center)
a. If the research involves human subjects, the completed BYU/IRB application forms (A, B, and C) must be submitted with the proposal.
b. Proposals must be clearly written, typed, single spaced, 5-10 page maximum, and follow the BYU/IRB format.

Timeline and procedure for processing proposals

a. Proposals requesting funding will be distributed to the Research and Scholarship Council members within a few days after submission and are accepted any time during the academic year.
b. Proposals, council recommendations, and a letter explaining the council decision* will be returned to the researcher within 10 days of the decision..
c. The council might ask for revisions and/or resubmissions of proposals if necessary.
d. A proposal must receive approval from The College of Nursing before it can be submitted to the University IRB.

Funding Guidelines

Purchasing and budget procedures for research grants are administered with the same policies applying to other College of Nursing accounts. Contact the Research Account Administrator prior to committing funds for any supplies, ads, equipment, hiring, etc. Violations may result in personal cost

Status Reports

a. A status report regarding research completed and money used will be due at the time the BYU IRB requests this information. A copy of information sent to the BYU IRB can be submitted to the Research Secretary.
b. Status reports should also include: (1) abstracts of presentations, papers, posters, or possibility for future articles; (2) report of how the money was used and plans for remaining budget.

Nonfunded Research/IRB Approval Proposals

a. Proposals only seeking IRB approval (no funding) will be accepted any time during the academic year; e.g., graduate student theses, undergraduate ORCA research proposals, etc.
b. Proposals, comments, and a letter explaining the council decision will be mailed to the researcher within 10 days of the Research and Scholarship Council decision.

Discretionary Funds

a. The purpose is to encourage scholarly productivity, such as updating literature review, reanalyzing statistics, etc. These funds may only be distributed when extra money is available at the end of the year after proposals have been submitted.
b. Proposals should consist of a one-page description of how the money will be used.


Investigators may want to talk to the Chair of the Research & Scholarship Council prior to writing a proposal for the purpose of receiving information on writing a proposal as well as the names of faculty who might mentor them in writing the proposal.
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