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Kami Christiansen - Publicity Director


Home State: Idaho

Bio: What’s up my friends?! My name is Kami Christiansen, I’m the third of seven kids but my mom watched two of my cousins’ families’, so I practically grew up with 15 siblings! I served in the Great TSAM, I love playing and watching all sports, gardening, quilting and cooking foods from other countries. I’m a people person who loves to be involved and involve others. I’ve learned that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, serving others, working hard and smiling even when you don’t want to, brings the most happiness and joy in life. I’ve also learned the value of making connections and networking. You never know who can help you or who you can help. I’m running for SNA so I can make those connections for myself and then share them with anyone seeking further opportunities to be involved and positively influence others on campus and throughout the world.

Publicity Director Duties


• Inform SNA members and all nursing students about activities through weekly emails GMAIL account manager.
• Regularly check and manage SNA email account.
• Create and regularly update facebook account and other social media.
• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings.
• Post pictures obtained by Campus Publicity director on social media site(s), SNA webpage (when needed), and in emails.
• Update SNA webpage through Ken Robinson.
• Post board members’ bios and pictures (through gmail account).
• Help with other activities as needed.


• Attend and participate in all SNA board meetings.
• Create SNA flyers and posters announcing activities (posted in NLC, 4th floor lounge, NLC board, outside of elevators on floors 3, 4, and 5).
• Maintain SNA board outside the NLC on a regular basis.
• Take pictures at all SNA activiites (or arrange to have someone else take them), develop them to post some on SNA board outside the NLC. Also, work with Web publicity director to post the pictures on SNA social media site(s) and in the emails.
• SNA class representatives chair. Will obtain a representative from each class of nursing students that will announce and promote SNA activities in each nursing class. Campus Publicity chair will send personal emails or make contact with each representative to keep them informed about upcoming events.
• Make sure all members have access to list of SNA board members.
• Help with other activities as needed.

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