College of Nursing

Research Software

The Research Center computers are available for faculty, graduate student, and research assistant use only. To get a password to log in to these computers, see the Research Secretary.

The characters in parenthesis after an application indicate where the application is installed and available. If no characters appear after an application, it is available on all computers in the Research Center. Applications are Windows based unless noted otherwise.


CD/DVD Burning/Copying
CDBurnerXP (H,J)
Easy Media Creator 10 (E) Sonic or Roxio

Microsoft Access

Desktop Publishing
Microsoft Publisher

Language Translation
Systran Spanish - English - Spanish Translation (J)

Graphic Editing
Adobe Photoshop (B)
Microsoft Picture Manager

Microsoft Photo Story 3
Microsoft PowerPoint
WordPerfect Presentations (A)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Adobe Acrobat (A,B)
OmniPage Pro (A)

Qualitative Analysis
QSR NVivo 7 (B,E,F)
QSR NVivo 8 (E)

Adobe Acrobat (A)
Epson Scan (A)
OmniPage Pro (A)

Microsoft Excel
WordPerfect Quattro Pro (A)

Statistical Analysis
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel

Start Stop Universal (B,C,F,G)
Voice Editor 3 (D)

Web Browsing
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome (H,J)
Mozilla Firefox

Video Editing
Adobe Premiere (C)
Windows Movie Maker

Word Processing
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Works (A)
OpenOffice (H,J)
WordPerfect (A)