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Czech Republic



Czech Republic, Susice, Pilsen, Jablonec, Liberec, Prague

Clinical Experiences:

Working alongside nurses from the Czech Republic in the Maternity, Pediatric, Intensive Care and Adult Medical/Surgical Hospitals.

Other Experiences:

Windshield surveys of various ethnic populations.

Culture Experiences:

Czech Republic: Karlovy Vary, hiking, Lidice, Terezin, walking, Prague Castle, Opera House, River Cruise, walking, Jewish synagogue, World War II historical sites, churches, fly fishing, bike riding, and did I mention….lots of walking. Our group walked nearly 300 miles last year.


“I was honored to be an American and so proud of my country when I was in Czech Republic. That was something I never expected, that I felt more patriotism in Czech than in my own country at times. This experience alone will affect my personal gratitude to my own country and vets. I felt a renewed sense of awe and gratitude for my country and those who serve it. This experience will continue to influence my own patriotism as I support my country and her soldiers.”

“I had such strong sensations of compassion and empathy. It made me realize how beautiful humanity is, and how precious each live is, how important each set of experiences is. Being able to care for these women was an honor, and even now I think about them lying in the same beds they were in when I left, dwelling in the same space, doing the same things every day, and I pray for them. I hope that I am able to remember this experience and allow it to impact my nursing care, as I care for patients and take the time to actually hear their concerns and listen to their worries. I want to be a more compassionate nurse who knows her patients better.”

“I became a nurse because I love people and I want to gain a greater love for people. This study abroad has been an opportunity for me to remember that and to renew my goals as a future nurse. I know it won’t be easy and that some patients will be frustrating to work with, but overall, I think that this experience has been a reminder that we all have more similarities than differences.”