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Accra, Ghana (Capital City); Atiwa district

Clinical Experiences:

Rural and urban settings. Hospital assessments, health education presentations, door-to-door immunizations, prenatal, nutritional assessments, food and water supply studies.

Culture Experiences:

Cape Coast slave castle and museum, Kakum aerial jungle canopy walk, Koforidua bead market, Boti Falls and hike, haggling at “the pit” (an open market), cloth dying and dressmaking shops, and the Accra temple.

Other Experiences:

Work/environmental health issues evaluations, traditional cultural health practices investigations


"As I reflect on my experience in Ghana, I am filled with gratitude for all I learned and how I have grown. I understand the Healer’s art on a deeper level and want to incorporate it into my future nursing career. It was amazing to learn about and experience the Ghanaian culture and all its differences and strengths. People are unique and remarkable all around the world, and the Ghanaians are no exception. My eyes were opened to other ways of life as I focused on the strengths of how they live instead of judging them or comparing our culture to theirs. It reinforced the fact that human diversity is rich and can benefit us if we look at it with the right perspective. My experience also taught me how to better implement the Healer’s art as a nurse while caring for my patients. The nurses in Ghana were excellent examples of showing compassion and empathy for their patients. They put them first and foremost, and made sure they were taken care of to the best of their abilities. One nurse told me that when she arrives at work, she leaves her life and worries behind to focus on others’ lives. It was a great example to me of selflessness, dedication, and love."