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Madrid, Alcala de Henares, Toledo and possible other locations may include: Sevilla, Segovia, Valencia, Barcelona, etc.

Clinical Experiences:

+/- 50% Hospital Principie de Asturias in Alcala de Henares (mother/baby, emergency room, intensive care unit, cardiac cath lab, medical/surgical unit, etc.) and +/- 50% community clinic and home visits .

Other Experiences:

Community Health Fairs, working with University of Alcala College of Nursing

Culture Experiences:

Madrid LDS Temple, Museums including the famous Prado, Cathedrals, Synagogues, Castles, Flamenco dancing, etc. Possible weekend or day trips may include; Toledo, Segovia, Sevilla, Barcelona, and/or Valencia areas including a Beach.

About the Program

You will have the opportunity to do clinical hours at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital (1500 bed hospital-ranked one of the top 10 hospitals in Spain), as well as the Principie de Asturias hospital which is linked to the College of Nursing we will be working with. We will visit with current nursing students at the University of Alcala de Henares. We also work in the community health clinics and the mental health clinics. We tour one of the first hospitals in Spain. Windshield surveys include seeing how ancient Roman cities obtained water, to buying food from current day open-air markets.